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Whoopie pies are considered a New England phenomenon and a Pennsylvania Amish tradition. While the Wigwam cannot claim credit for inventing the whoopie pie, few can argue that it didn’t play a major role in repopularizing it with the introduction of the Wigwam Apple Cider whoopie pie in the fall of 2019.

The whole whoopie pie thing started the first summer of new owners Lea King and Wayne Gelinas’ operation when they were looking for something sweet to go with their pour-over coffee.  They thought about serving country pie, freshly baked cakes and settled on home made fudge and classic (chocolate) Whoopie pie.  The whoopie pies were an instant hit! Locals would post photos of the coffee and whoopie pie on social media attracting more people to come.  Tourists want to know what’s a whoopie pie, since many international tourists have never heard of it.  Cabin guests would come into the store to check in and walk out with a cold brew in one hand and a whoopie pie in the other.  Most would buy a dozen pies to take home when they checked out on Sunday mornings.

In September, deciding against selling apple cider donuts which are deep fried instead of baked, Lea worked with Wigwam’s baker Reba to develop a recipe for apple cider whoopie pie.  Using fresh apple cider which is then boiled down to a thick liquid as the base before, Reba made a spiced whipped cream cheese to use in place of plain cream in the middle.  The two mini-cakes are then joined before they are dusted with powdered cinnamon sugar.  The end result is nothing short of amazing! Local patron Misa (who is incidentally addicted to the Wigwam Coffee), posted one of the funniest photos on instagram showing a half-eaten apple cider whoopie pie with cinnamon sugar and cream all over her black pants with a caption “couldn’t wait, don’t care!”

When the pies were introduced the peak of fall foliage 2019, state troopers would come in the morning and say that they were sent by their dispatchers and that they are not allowed to leave without the whoopie pies.  The line for the whoopie pies and cold brew would go out the door and around the porch to the parking lot.  A gentleman came in to get one for his wife and made the mistake of taking a bite of the apple cider whoopie pie.  Before I rang up his order I looked up as he wipe his mouth with the back of his hand and the whole thing was gone! He asked me to ring up 3 more and begged me to double-staple the bakery bag shut.  He promised to put the bag in the trunk of his car until he got home.  Those were really good pies!

Another unique treat that people loved was the Wigwam Cake that Lea makes.  It was a crème de menthe chocolate chip cake that Wayne’s grandma Olive used to make.  Wayne and his brother Bruce would eat up the whole cake whenever she made it.  The generous amount of crème de menthe liquor and the sweet smell of cake would fill the Wigwam with such delightful warm aroma customers couldn’t resist but get a slice with their pour over coffee or cold brew.  We sold so many whoopie pies both of our bakers Mo and Reba coudldn’t keep up!  Fall foliage 2019 will be remembered as the whoopie pie and Wigwam Cake season!

2020 has been a devastating year for us so far.  As we planned to reopen for the season Covid-19 hit.  We had used the last of our line of credit in inventory for the year.  Fedex and UPS trucks delivered custom designed teddy bear, hoodies, beanies and souvenir mugs and there was not a thing we could do to generate any income to offset the expense.  We couldn’t open the gift shop!  There was nothing we could do but sit and worry.  We prayed and thank God we have our health, an equity line of credit and a roof over our heads.  My daughter Emily who recently graduated from Stanford fled her dream internship in NYC to shelter with us in tow with her boyfriend Michael so we had good company and smart young people to help out. We decided as a family we would take action to help our community so people don’t go hungry.  We start by preparing hot meals on Sundays then sourcing masks and hand sanitizers to protect the community.  As we consider how to reopen one of the things we want to offer is the famous Wigwam whoopie pie.  Forget about waiting for Fall foliage to wait for the Apple Cider Whoopie pie, we are going to make them in May and have them all the time! We will work on packaging to make sure they are individually sealed and packed so people can enjoy something unique and sweet during this awful time.  Perhaps people in the Berkshires will look back and remember 2020 as the time when the Wigwam Whoopie pie got them through their darkest hours! We do hope our whoopie pies can bring you some joy during such challenging time for everyone!



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Wigwam (Creme de Menthe Choc Chip), Apple Cider, Carrot, Classic (Chocolate)


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