Wigwam Western Summit

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Wigwam Western Summit

Wigwam Sky Bar

Located at an elevation of 2014 the Wigwam Sky Bar is one of the highest bar in Massachusetts. Our wines are curated from small family owned wineries from California, France, Germany and Italy as well as right here in the Berkshires.

Wigwam Western Summit


Wine collections::
Pinot Noir | Hahn Family Wine, Monterrey, CA
Grayson Chardonnay.| Napa Valley, CA
Clean Slate Riesling | Germany
Zardetto Private Cuvee Prosecco | Italy
Moulin De Gassac Rose | France
Wild Mountain Original Cider | DeMarsico's
Ali Wine | North Adams, MA

Wigwam Western Summit

Draft Beer

Berkshire Brewing Extra Pale Ale | Steel Rail from Berkshire Brewing Company - We call this pale ale the "Wigwam Old Faithful" ​

Bright Ideas IPA | ask us what we have on tap today from Bright Ideas!

America's Switzerland

In September 2019, nearly a year after we opened the doors of the Wigwam Western Summit, we were given a precious gift by Doug Dutrizac, one of our cabin guests when he checked out. The gift is a travel booklet from the 1920’s titled “A Trip Over The Mohawk Trail”. Doug has been a fan of the Wigwam on social media and has been by a few times before he booked a night at the Mahican Cabin. He felt it was best to give the booklet to the new custodians of the Wigwam figuring we would find a way to share it with the world. Inscribed in pencil on the back was the date of October 12, 1930.

In the booklet are amazing images (printed with steelplates in black & white) of the sights from the entire Mohawk Trail from east to west. The centerfold of the booklet is an amazing panoramic photo of the valley, the city of North Adams, the mountain of three states taken from the top of the Wigwam Tower.

Wigwam Western Summit
Wigwam Western Summit

The caption reads America’s Switzerland as seen from Westview Gift Shop, Mohawk Trail. From our research and a bit of social media outreach we learned this area was referred to as America’s Switzerland and the most iconic view was one from the Wigwam Western Summit. ​

On September 19, 2019, Thomas Bernard, the Mayor of North Adams, joined by Representative John Barrett III, Jonathan Butler, CEO of 1Bershire.org officially unveiled the sign and the Berkshire Eagle was on hand to examine the original tour guide and provide media coverage here.


Wigwam Tree of Hope Dedication Ceremony

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Wigwam Western Summit

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Wigwam Western Summit

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Wigwam Western Summit