Berkshire’s Newest Historic Destination Is Now Online!

It’s hard to tell if the Wigwam Western Summit will reopen this season. In order to continue to serve our customers, we have moved our retail inventory to an online store. Consider purchasing a Wigwam Western Summit branded item of clothing, a custom teddy bear, or a “Berkshires Branded” tapestry for a student who just graduated. Pick up is preferred, however, we do offer shipping.

The Wigwam Western Summit is navigating the current economic climate carefully. With the initial intention to reopen for business at the beginning of April, we, unfortunately, have to keep our physical doors closed until it’s safe for businesses to reopen. It’s also unsure when we’ll be able to allow cabins to be booked.

While Covid19 wreak havoc on the world economy there are so many things out of our control. What we can do is to help our community by feeding those in need. The Wigwam is making freshly prepared meals on Sundays for any of our neighbors who are hungry. Starting Mother's day 2020 the Wigwam is working with local food pantry to distribute donated bread, pastry and fresh produce as well. This is the time to be kind and pay it forward. If you can delivery a meal to someone who's hungry or if you are hungry please pick up a meal no questions asked. If you can donate money to the Wigwam Community Meals program please donate here.

Welcome to The Wigwam Western Summit

The Wigwam Gift Shop opened in 1914 to greet travelers on the Mohawk Trail, one of the most beautiful drives in Massachusetts. More than a century later, it would be completely renovated as a Sky Bar, a Coffee House, a Cafe, a Bakery and a gift shop loaded with local crafts, ice cream, honey and maple syrup. Although the store looks much different today than it did, the current mom and pop operators kept the same spirit to welcome travelers from near and far.

The once popular roadside cabins were renovated in 2019 with modern comforts such as air conditioning, LED lights, and full bath with showers. The Wigwam is a now a new destination in the Berkshires where people come to enjoy a glass of wine, a draft beer, or a cup of coffee to go with THAT VIEW! From the numerous reviews on social media we observe that people come to the Wigwam for the view and stay for the coffee and baked goods! Take home not only memories but also local crafts and unique gifts for the whole family!

Wigwam Western Summit
Wigwam Western Summit

Historical Land And People

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The Wigwam Private Trail System on the summit connects to the Hoosac Range Trail

The famous Hair Pin Turn on Mohawk Trail and the Wigwam is on top looking out at the mountains of three states

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